“I can tell everything from your voice.

When you’re sad, it gets low. You talk slowly and deliberately. You trail off at the end of your sentence. And all I want to do is kiss your lips and steal all the sadness.

When you’re happy, your voice glows. You talk like you have sun shining out of your mouth. It’s fast and undulating and breathy. And your happy voice lights me up.

When you’re mad, you don’t speak. And when you do it’s smooth and flowing. It’s so quiet I can barely make out what you’re saying. It digs deeper and deeper into my mind until I can’t stand it anymore and beg you to forgive me.

But when you love someone, that’s when I like your voice the best. You gush. You laugh. You take deep breaths inbetween your sentences. The love in your voice makes me love you.”

Letters to Crushes.