“I think I fall in love with people,
a little too much,
just in the way they sound at 4am
or how they look when they smile.
And it’s so addicting,
when their eyes light up,
because you’ve remembered something
they may have said.
I think I grow attached,
to people, who I know,
will leave.
But I can’t help it,
because I see all that you are,
when you don’t really see it yourself.
And sometimes I wonder how someone’s heart,
grows so cold,
and I think, that maybe it’s because
for a while, it was left out in the rain.
You know some days I struggle,
when there’s nothing left to say,
because I still don’t know how to convince you,
that out of everyone,
and all the ones that leave,
I’m always the one still standing there,
with an umbrella,
just big enough,
to cover your heart.”

– C.P