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rewrap me in your white sheets
give me a flashlight
make me glow
grow me peaches
feed them to me
tell me what the sky can mean
show me how to jump into the middle of the lake
show me how to get the stones from the deepest part
and how to then leave them on the shore
make me want to make a child
make me firebomb a building with a bullhorn and a poem

draw me a picture of what smoking a cigarette feels like
kiss me with how much you love the giraffe
give me a hug
a smile shaped like a zoo
show me how to make cotton candy
tell me a story
tell me something you’ve never told anyone else
help me remember the things I’ve never told anyone else

the trees outside curve like they have nothing else to say to one another
while behind them the cars keep driving north

– Anis Mojgani, Girl

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