“Someone once asked me what my heart was made of. I thought about it for a while.

Searching for the right words to say. Opening my chest and ripping my skin apart to get a closer look inside.
For a long time, I held it close to my face. Examining it. Probing it. Poking it several times.

I did not know what it was made of. No clue what the foreign substances were. So I used metaphors and adjectives for they were the only option. Until now, I’m not entirely certain if I had answered right.
That’s why I had to ask her, “What is your heart made of?”

She did not hesitate. Didn’t even pause to think.
She merely smiled one of her lopsided smiles and stared one of her mesmerizing stares.

“Crystallized sugar, rocks and a flyleaf,” she said softly.
“Some parts are shiny and sweet. Some parts are hard. And some parts are unbearably empty.”

– Author Unknown // Elsker denne teksten. Hva er ditt hjerte laget av?